My Style

Sleep is a beautiful thing!

And don’t our babies and children look the cutest when they’re deep in sleep?

The Gentle Sleep Coaching philosophy was developed by Kim West LCSW-C, The Sleep Lady® who realized that families need a sleep coaching method that they can be 100% consistent with that doesn’t involve simply letting their child cry it out alone.  As a Gentle Sleep Coach® I will provide simple sleep solutions that encourage comforting your child as they learn the valuable skill of independent sleep. You’ll be able to touch your baby, console your baby and even pick up your baby during the whole process. I want to respect your parenting style and provide evidence-based information to support you and your baby through to restful nights.

Will my baby cry?

No one likes to hear their baby cry - I don’t think anyone would argue that!
But when parents ask me if there is a “no tears” solution to sleep coaching I have to tell them: No. If you have been rocking, bouncing, nursing/feeding or shushing your baby to sleep and you change that, they are likely going to let you know they’re not a fan of this change. The only way they know how to do that is to cry. If your child is verbal though - well they may even have a few choice words for you.

Will it work?

Some parents come to me after trying other methods like Ferber or starker extinction methods and tell me “it didn’t work”. Maybe you have read all the books and tried all the tricks in those books?

I want to work with your family to provide a catered sleep plan that will take into consideration all the dynamics of your family:

  • Breastfeeding? Sleep coaching doesn’t have to mean night weaning
  • Cosleeping? Sharing a room and sleep coaching aren’t exclusive.
  • Older siblings? We can include them in the plan!
Whether you have been struggling with your child’s sleep for years, are looking to drop that last night feeding or even want to implement good sleep habits with your newborn, I can help!