Is your Family Tired?

We have simple sleep solutions to solve all your child's sleep troubles

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Are you Tired?

We have simple sleep solutions to solve all your child's sleep troubles


Hi, my name is Robyn.

Mom to a 3 year old boy who keeps me on my toes! It was no different when it came to his sleep. At 8 weeks he was doing solid 7 hours stretches and I thought: well this isn't so bad! But little did I know by 4 months he would be up every couple of hours while we tried ALL the tricks to get him back to sleep.

Rocking, bouncing, walking - you name it, we tried it!

The toll that sleep deprivation began to take on my mental and physical health along with my marriage wasn't sustainable. I did extensive research and came up with a plan that worked for our family and within 10 days we had our nights back to ourselves! I knew then that the moms around me needed to know that a) with the right plan, you and babe CAN get the rest you need an deserve and that b) you have to do what's right for your family.

I had great success helping my tribe of mamas with naps and nights and just felt like I had to spread the word! So here I am hoping to provide simple solutions for families that need and deserve good rest.
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Sleep Packages

Our tailored gentle sleep coach solutions offer families individualized sleep plans that address your child's unique needs and your goals for their sleep.

Simple Newborn Package

Understanding the science of baby sleep and setting up a strong sleep foundation can really help new and expecting parents set their baby up for sleep success.

Simple Basic Package

This package provides families struggling with naps or bedtime with an easy-to-follow plan to get restful nights.

Simple Advanced Package

This package provides families with an easy-to-follow plan for more restful nights along with extended support.

What Families say about working with me

"Robyn’s help with sleep training not only saved my sleep but saved my marriage! As a new mom navigating sleep schedules and wake windows were such a challenge; with Robyn’s encouragement and guidance I was able to map out a schedule for my son. She taught me about wake windows, the eat-play-sleep routine, and most importantly she taught me to be patient with myself and the process. I don’t know how I would have survived this first year, and this pandemic, without her. I am so grateful for her continued support and expertise, and so blown away by her knowledge and ability to help me troubleshoot early morning wake-ups and nap transitions".

Nadia P., mother of a 6-month-old boy

"Robyn was absolutely wonderful to work with. Her methods were gentle, but effective. I did not think that our feisty 2 1/2 year old would ever sleep! We were suffering so much from lack of sleep and were desperate for help. Even though we had two older children, we felt really lost as to how to help our daughter to learn to sleep better. Since working with Robyn, not only is she going to bed more easily, she’s sleeping through the night and napping longer. All of this good sleep has changed her moods and behaviour dramatically. I wouldn’t change a thing!"

Missy G., mom to 7, 5 and 2.5 year olds

"Getting Robyn's support to teach our almost one year old to sleep better was the best decision. She customised a plan that best suited our family needs and schedule and went above and beyond to help get all of us some restful nights.

Highly recommended for sleep deprived parents!"

Sonali K., mother of a 12 Month old girl

"Robyn was so supportive right from the get-go.  Always so patient with my 50,000 questions! She really helped us figure out what was going to work for our family and her immense gentle sleep coach knowledge helped us come up with a plan we could commit to.
Robyn preached consistency and was so right! Once we listened and practised her gentle sleep coach teachings it got our once no crib,  bad sleeper / bad napper sleeping soundly in his crib and his naps got longer as well! Happy baby happy family!!! Thank you so much, Robyn! You have really found your calling".

Laura G., mother of a 5-month-old boy